What is karma?

If this is the day of my harvest in what fields have I sowed the seed, and in what unremembered seasons?

Karma is an ancient notion, a Sanskrit word meaning 'act', 'action', or 'word'. The law of karma teaches us that all of our thoughts, words and actions begin a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effects of everything we do in time. Our goal as spiritual beings living earthly lives is to awaken to our natural spiritual identity, or 'true self', that indestructible and immortal part of ourselves which is linked to the totality of the universe. Early in each incarnation we lose touch with our spiritual essence. The mind struggles with deep soul memories that are held at subconscious levels, old wounds and response patterns from prior lifetimes. Some times we cannot explain feelings and fears we have in our current incarnation. That sentiment that we've experienced the same thing before somehow. A Karmic insight and Past life reading is one way in which to get in touch with this subconscious information.

Out of touch with our spiritual self, we may feel unsafe and so build a false identity, the Ego, in order to cope with our current lifetime. We look for security in certain areas of our earthly incarnation, usually those areas that are familiar territory from previous lifetimes. These areas might be our career, family, personal relationships, friendships, accomplishments, wealth, possessions, intellectual knowledge, spiritual beliefs, religion, personal power, and so on. We also feel safer repeating old behaviour patterns rather than approaching life in new ways. In many ways these familiar path ways are our most successful avenues to happiness and personal satisfaction. However, if you're not on the right pathway then by using astrology you can redirect yourself by using past awareness locked within you.

The Ego forms the basis of what is know as negative karma. The more dominant our Ego is, the more unbalanced we feel, and our life conditions become static or sometimes very unpleasant. Our perceptions and misconceptions adversely affect ourselves and our relationships with others. It is purely this negative karma that keeps us bound to the wheel of reincarnation. Until we have insight into the false self and realise it is not our true self, we will invariably suffer from an over-attachment to certain aspects of our earthly life. Spiritual awakening is usually triggered by repeated disillusionment and an unconscious desire to be released from our karmic burdens. This yearning is the beginning of our path to spiritual enlightenment. However, the Ego puts up great resistance and we may sometimes have to undergo arduous conditions in our lives before we can truly resolve our situation.

With increasing self-awareness, older and more positive behavioural patterns and areas of attachment are unleashed and the Ego is overcome. In turn we become less susceptible to the forces of negative karma and more in tune with our special destiny for the present incarnation.

Karma is a great harmoniser, returning to us the energy from all of the positive and negative thoughts and deeds we send out into the world. It is also our greatest guide, making us accountable for what we do and giving us opportunities to awaken, to learn from our mistakes and change ourselves from within. Although negative karma can enslave us to the cycle of re-birth it nevertheless contains the catalyst for our salvation, in that it offers us the opportunity to realise the ultimate purpose of every human incarnation, which is to awaken to our spiritual self. A Karmic insight and Past life reading is the perfect place to start in your understanding of your karmic past.

The Law of Grace - Forgiveness

The purpose of karma is to increase self-awareness through suffering. Through dukkha, or suffering, we become more alert to the way in which we are negatively influenced by the Ego. This is the fate of every unawakened, unconscious human being and is a sobering realisation. Yet it gives us the opportunity to forgive ourselves and other people for past actions that were committed in a state of ignorance. Such forgiveness is the Law of Grace, which can break the chain of karma. This is one creative use of free will.

Free Will

Although we have no control over our past, we can bring about its end along with its control over us. We have no option but to deal with the consequences of past actions, but we do have a choice over how we deal with the karma associated with them. When we are slaves to our Ego then we are misusing our free will. While we are under its domination we think and act automatically and are not in touch with our true self. This is why it is paramount that we develop an awareness of all our underlying intentions in our daily actions. Our intentions are often driven by old, habitual patterns of need and attachment. In this way we can combat our negative karma and even sow the seeds of new more positive karma.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my reading?

All readings are delivered by email. I promise delivery within 2-3 days. The average time is under 2 day if ordered during normal business hours.

Why isn't this free?

Your initial reading is free in order to give you a taster of what my service is all about. The free report is a shorter version of a full personalized astrology report. The reason why I ask a fee for an additional service is two fold. Firstly, I am a professional astrologer and need to make my own living through the skills I possess. Secondly, astrology is often used as a form of therapy and it's important for the individual to contribute in some way to their own treatment. Astrology is a process that involves a mutually beneficial exchange if it is to truly succeed.

Do you need precise birth times or locations?

Ideally they should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have. If the birth time is unknown then the common approach is to use 6.00 am as a basis for the Natal Chart.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals because my goal is to over-deliver in every area. All my work has full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

About me

My name's Diana and I'm a professional relationship astrologer. Since 1993 I've prepared many readings over the years and published over 3,000 articles on relationship astrology. My clients have included psychologists, relationship counsellors and several of the worlds largest dating services.

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I offer a complete relationship reading which includes all the astrological information for your relationship. There's no need to compare features or buy multiple reports from me, as I never hold information back to sell you additional reports later. Due to this complete coverage my readings have a wide variety of uses...

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