Astrology & Reincarnation

You do not have to believe in reincarnation to understand the accuracy of astrology. !

It is true that the belief that we live more than one lifetime plays a big role in chart interpretation. This can be seen when we take a look what astrologers call, “Moon’s Nodes”.

The Nodes of the Moon are also called the North Node and South Node. The philosophy behind the Nodes is that they reveal our personal karma and that they represent lessons that our soul has chosen to learn this lifetime. They clearly derive from a belief that the soul has lived in other incarnations and has its karma to balance out. According to Café Astrology, “they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth”. They are not planets, but are important points in an astrological chart that show our past lifetime issues and our soul's mission during this incarnation.

Astrologers look at which sign the North Node is in and its house placement to determine the meaning of our mission. The South Node is more difficult and poses challenges to each person. The South Node represents our past urges, reactions, relationships and personality. It shows what traits we are meant to leave behind, while the North Node shows the traits we are meant to develop and master this lifetime.

The Nodes have a give and take relationship. Like a see-saw and we are constantly being pulled in both directions. I find that most of my clients do not even feel the energy of their North Node or soul mission until around the age of 27.

Embracing our Soul Mission

The first Saturn Return happens between the ages of 27 and 30 and this is considered by astrologers to be a tumultuous time of learning and growth. I find that after individuals turn age 31, they begin to feel the pull of their North Node for the very first time. Up until that point, they were living in the past and experiencing life through their South Node.

The Saturn Return creates a change and a push in the right direction and for the rest of our lives we are moving towards the energy of our North Node. We are meant to master our North Node, because it is our destiny. We have to learn life lessons and balance the karma we've created from the past. This is why we are here. God wants us to learn and grow.

The North Node shows where our challenges are and the universe naturally pulls us toward the new way of life. We can go kicking and screaming or embrace what we need to learn.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my reading?

All readings are delivered by email. I promise delivery within 2-3 days. The average time is under 2 day if ordered during normal business hours.

Why isn't this free?

Your initial reading is free in order to give you a taster of what my service is all about. The free report is a shorter version of a full personalized astrology report. The reason why I ask a fee for an additional service is two fold. Firstly, I am a professional astrologer and need to make my own living through the skills I possess. Secondly, astrology is often used as a form of therapy and it's important for the individual to contribute in some way to their own treatment. Astrology is a process that involves a mutually beneficial exchange if it is to truly succeed.

Do you need precise birth times or locations?

Ideally they should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have. If the birth time is unknown then the common approach is to use 6.00 am as a basis for the Natal Chart.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals because my goal is to over-deliver in every area. All my work has full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

About me

My name's Diana and I'm a professional relationship astrologer. Since 1993 I've prepared many readings over the years and published over 3,000 articles on relationship astrology. My clients have included psychologists, relationship counsellors and several of the worlds largest dating services.

No hidden costs or additional reports to buy

It's common other sites for astrology reports to be just a few pages long and include an "upgrade" offer for additional reports. This up-selling process can cost hundreds of dollars for a complete reading. I never charge for additional reports. You'll pay one fee for one report.

I offer a complete relationship reading which includes all the astrological information for your relationship. There's no need to compare features or buy multiple reports from me, as I never hold information back to sell you additional reports later. Due to this complete coverage my readings have a wide variety of uses...

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