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Your Birth Chart is your personal blueprint - your map - your life manual...

Let me explain what my READINGS actually consist of. I gather all the necessary information that I require from you and look at several things. These include a detailed study of your birth's configuration, solar aspects, spiritual path and numerology. By using this information I can then draw your personal natal chart. With the insight all of this information gives me allows me to paint a picture of your life and permits me to tell you many things that you probably did not know. In order to make this process more efficient, I do not wish for you to ask me any questions or tell me anything other than the information requested below.

I will require the following details:

  • Full Name on your Birth Certificate – if you were adopted a few months after your birth and your name changed, I still need the FIRST given name on your birth certificate.
  • Place of your Birth
  • Gender: Male / Female
  • Date of birth: Please list as day/ month/ year
  • Time of your Birth - In order to do an accurate reading I must have the actual time (hour, minute) that you were born.

Again, please remember that I do not take any questions regarding READINGS. All I require is the above information. I simply won't be able to answer these types of questions due to the time consuming nature of preparing readings. However, contact me at diana@star-requests.com and I will go over any quiries you may have about problems with payments, etc. Please include "Information For Reading" in the subject line: so I can attend to your email right away.

~ All readings require pre-payment ~
The amount of time I will spend for your Reading : 1-2 hours.
Payment must be processed through Paypal.
Alpha Imprint Report

This report is excellent for people who like an explanation of the astrological basis for the interpretation. This report is inspirational and philosophical as well as practical.

Star Sign Profile

Explore, in detail, your personal Sun Sign to reveal your astrological profile, based on the planetary configurations at the time of your birth. Unlock details about your personality traits and sun sign characteristics that are uniquely you. This is so much more than your daily newspaper horoscope!

Holistic Energy Healing

This report is perfect for those people who desire to heal their mind and body. This can be achieved simply through being aware of the powerful energies associated with your aura and making the best and most spiritual use of them. Our aura is a energy field that permeates and surrounds our bodies. Your aura contains seven special energy centers within it called chakras. Chakras are the vortexes of energy that infuse divine consciousness into our aura and allows it to manifest in our physical body.

Comprehensive Compatibility Reading

Have you ever wondered if your 'soul mate' is really the one for you? This report will give all the information you'd ever need about yourself and your partner. Where does the mutual attraction spring from? Do you bring out the best in each other and if so, how? For long term partners, learn how you can you enrich and enhance your relationship, and even take it to the next level? This is a musthave reading for lovers everywhere. No more doubts, only strong and loving relationships.

Professional Achievement Forecast

Astrology can indicate the most auspicious times in our lives to make important decisions. When should you begin your new business venture? Is it time to go for that big promotion? Which is the best candidate for the new position? Based on the birth information from a new or potential business owner, founder or major associate, this forecast will show you the best times to start a new business or businessoriented project. Don't hesitate, yourbusiness success is within reach!

Daily Astrological Forecast

Thrive all this year and beyond with this powerful forecast as your personal road map. Make the best of what life presents you each day by considering the impact of astrological influences working upon you. Use your accurate and insightful Day-toDay Forecast to make better choices and live life to the fullest!

Personal Relationship Forecast

In love, looking for love or just curious! This report will highlight your inherent behaviour and expectations when in a relationship? What do you really need to look for in a potential partner? How can you ensure that existing relationships blossom and strengthen. Use this report to find the loving, supportive and joyful relationship that you deserve.

Karmic Insight and Karmic Past Life Report

The Karmic Insight Report (with bonus Karmic Past Life report) is a report that takes a look at a number of factors in your birth chart from an esoteric, karmic, and spiritual standpoint. It's very revealing, especially for those interested in learning their spiritual strengths and weaknesses

Life Path Report

Open the door to new life possibilities by assessing your hidden potential as determined by your astrological signature. Discover how the life choices and paths you choose are influenced by these cosmic energies. How will things actually play out in your life? Don't leave it to chance, get your hands on your life path manual today!

Eclipsed Identity Charter

This report analyzes issues of importance to adults, including marriage and sexuality. This report uses direct language and utilizes a comprehensive approach to the chart

Past Life Report

Open the door to new life possibilities by assessing your hidden potential as determined by your astrological signature. Discover how the life choices and paths you choose are influenced by these cosmic energies. How will things actually play out in your life? Don't leave it to chance, get your hands on your life path manual today!

Karmic Prosperity Analysis

No person is born prosperous. The path to prosperity often lies through our attitude and subconscious beliefs, motives, and expectations. If If only we could discover what decisions and life choices could lead us to prosperity. Well now you can! By discovering the path that is naturally suited to you, you can begin to focus on the thoughts and attitudes that will lead to your highest potential, simply by using your unique gifts and talents.

Revelation Chart Interpretation

REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is the implementation of the knowledge that you are the Creator of your life. As such, you are free to interpret each planet in your chart on its highest and best level. YOU determine the level of functioning of your chart and the degree of happiness and success in your life. When you function on this level, your life takes on a richness of dimension it has not had before. You take the responsibility for creating your life the way you would like it to be. You see the planets as those gifts and talents you have chosen to express in this lifetime. You fulfill your limitless potential because you see what CAN be, rather than what cannot. The chart then becomes a guide, rather than the source of your happiness or unhappiness. It becomes a reflection of your own spiritual evolution. REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is designed to assist you in that evolution. It is about love and appreciation of the God within, the acknowledgment of the Truth of who you are and, as a result, the beautiful expression of that Truth.

Mid Life Reading

If you're in or slowly approaching your golden years, this report will give you what no other report does, ... an insight into astrological aspects that are more relevant to a more mature perspective on life.

Secondary Progressions Report

Destined Path Countdown

The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Every person sometimes finds himself or herself in a situation of meeting someone or visiting a place that feels very natural, as if we had known this person or place, but have forgotten it - even though it is our first meeting with the person or place. We sometimes feel that there is a destiny or definite purpose to our lives that sometimes lies before us regardless of what actions we take. There is a momentum or force that pushes us forward and the force is bigger than we are. Astrologers who analyze the point in the chart known as the Vertex have found that the Vertex describes the situations in which we find our destiny unfolding before us. The Vertex has a particularly important effect on our personal relationships because very often the magnetism that brings us together with others we are close to involves a magnetism and dynamic that is larger than our personal interests. The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Destiny does not imply that there is no free will. We do choose our path in life, but very often it is much wiser to choose a path that follows the ocean current rather than one that is at cross purposes to it. In working with the prevailing forces we still have many choices on the finer details of how we express ourselves and the circumstances that we create within the context of these strong forces. The Vertex Report can help you navigate your way in life by seeing how the Vertex describes a force of destiny in your life