How karmic astrology can help you attract your soulmate

Karmic astrology is an ancient but little known method of interpreting astrological charts. It's also known as esoteric astrology.

I've been studying and using this unique method for years now. It provides a lot of insightful information which my clients and I have always found both practical and powerful. The funny thing is... almost no one is talking about it!

First of all, this method goes much; much further than a Sun Sign, the ‘horoscopes’ that most of us know from the paper, and in my opinion, gives this science a bad name. In very basic terms esoteric astrology gets to the core of who you really are, and why you're actually here.

Using the underlying idea of soul reincarnation, karmic astrology is the art of using your horoscope chart to discover information about your karmic relationships, past lives, life purpose, and of course, your soul mates. All of which are inextricably linked.

What does love have to do with it?

This is your spiritual approach to the secrets in the stars. It aids you in discovering new ways to find out what your soul wants for you, and also how to let go of what's holding you back.

“When will I meet him?”
“We meet our soulmates when we’re on our soul path.”

You can adapt your lifestyle to align your personality with that of your soul's. In this way you can be confident in knowing that on this path, you'll eventually come across your true soul mate.

What makes karmic astrology different from other branches of the science is that it focuses on the ‘North Node’, or soul mission and not only your Sun Sign. It's very important if you want to attract your soul mate as, like the quote says, we can only find our soul mates on our soul's path. In other words, the more you learn about and take actions toward your purpose, the more ‘visible’ you'll be to soul mates, in energetic terms, and the more likely you'll find each other.

If you use the information in your horoscope chart, not only will you be more likely to meet people and create the situations that will lead you to your true love, you'll be in tune with your soul, which fosters incredible growth for you and makes life easier, more enjoyable and much more meaningful. So how can you learn more?

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my reading?

All readings are delivered by email. I promise delivery within 2-3 days. The average time is under 2 day if ordered during normal business hours.

Why isn't this free?

Your initial reading is free in order to give you a taster of what my service is all about. The free report is a shorter version of a full personalized astrology report. The reason why I ask a fee for an additional service is two fold. Firstly, I am a professional astrologer and need to make my own living through the skills I possess. Secondly, astrology is often used as a form of therapy and it's important for the individual to contribute in some way to their own treatment. Astrology is a process that involves a mutually beneficial exchange if it is to truly succeed.

Do you need precise birth times or locations?

Ideally they should be as accurate as possible, but I can work with the best information you have. If the birth time is unknown then the common approach is to use 6.00 am as a basis for the Natal Chart.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. A very high percentage of my business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals because my goal is to over-deliver in every area. All my work has full money back guarantee if you're not totally satisfied.

About me

My name's Diana and I'm a professional relationship astrologer. Since 1993 I've prepared many readings over the years and published over 3,000 articles on relationship astrology. My clients have included psychologists, relationship counsellors and several of the worlds largest dating services.

No hidden costs or additional reports to buy

It's common other sites for astrology reports to be just a few pages long and include an "upgrade" offer for additional reports. This up-selling process can cost hundreds of dollars for a complete reading. I never charge for additional reports. You'll pay one fee for one report.

I offer a complete relationship reading which includes all the astrological information for your relationship. There's no need to compare features or buy multiple reports from me, as I never hold information back to sell you additional reports later. Due to this complete coverage my readings have a wide variety of uses...

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