Past life love: Have you known each other before?

“It's as if I'd known them from somewhere before.”

I'm going to start this section with a story told to me by one of my clients, Olivia. She was educated, intelligent. A senior consultant in corporate office. She had always prided herself on her rationality. At the time she was doing her MBA. A straight forward sort of girl in every sense of the word. Olivia had had relationships before... gotten together, broken up, all that. She said that those past relationships hadn't felt like the one she'd just experienced. Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, there's nothing like that intense feeling we get with certain people, which make us wonder about past life love.

The comfort level, the deep knowing, the feeling that something bigger than we are is pulling us together. It's intoxicating, scary. Sometimes compulsive. Olivia said that in her case, it was someone that she hadn't known long. In fact they'd only met once. Yet there was a deep irrational pull between them. It wasn't even a sexual thing. Sex would have been easier for her to understand. It was a soul-thing, which made it even more compelling... and confusing when she finally realized that they weren't going to end up together. This is the legacy of our past life experiences re-manifesting themselves in our current incarnation.

Does soulmate = past life love?

So does that strong pull towards a certain person always indicate a past lover? Not necessarily. We all below to an 'Oversoul' ground of 144 souls in total. These are the souls that we feel most in tune with and can be represented by friends, family members, lovers or even pets. These souls are linked through the power of karma and we are often drawn to members of our 'Oversoul' group in order to settle our various karmic debts.

What is karma?

While not a soul mate in the traditional romantic sense , Olivia's interaction was a part of a spiritual catalyst. The ultimate goal of our karmic interactions is to finally escape the cycle of death and rebirth. This only becomes possible after self-awareness is achieved. However, we also want to reach a feeling of happiness and comfort in each and every incarnation and this is best achieved within our 'Oversoul' group.

If you're serious about attracting a soul mate, one of the best pieces of relationship advice is to explore, as much as you possible, each and every relationship you encounter. This is because each time you do this, you move the relationship up the soul mate continuum. This creates energetic 'space' for a past life love you're truly compatible with today to slip in. So don't put off saying what needs to be said. Avoid revenge tactics and sticky unfinished business. Start and finish every relationship with a clear intention to move closer to your soul mate. Even if you're not dating at the moment, every effort counts.

Know deep in your heart that over lifetimes, all past life love stories have happy endings... eventually. And the more that you commit yourself to learning from every relationship you encounter, the more likely it'll be that you attract your soul mate today.

Playground for the soul

Past life love relationships are incredible playgrounds for soul growth. This was the opinion of American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce who pioneered the modern approach to this side of astrology. He was reported to have said that we reincarnate with other souls we know in order to re-pay an obligation, resolve conflict, or perpetuate love.

These types of interactions are sometimes referred to as karmic relationships. I also like to view any relation to another soul as the ‘soul mate continuum’. With each experience together, we create new chapters. Over time, if all goes well, we move up the soul mate continuum until we finally come together as Cayce says, to achieve perpetuate love.

Past live love... lost?

Though the particular experience to which I was referring to was painful, it was also one of the greatest gifts of Olivia's life so far. They were not meant to be together romantically in this life, but there was a karmic exchange that was imperative to share. Having had this experience propelled Olivia to dig deep into her past life relationships with me and I discovered that her soul and the man in question go back a long time. She had made the mistake in their past incarnation that had ruined everything, and by suffering the heartache this time round she was able to repay the debt she owed to him. Any ‘negative karma’ they had is now balanced. They have certainly moved up the soul mate continuum.

The next time they meet, they may have some minor issues to work out, but they'll be free to explore more, if they choose. Not every past life love that happens has to be so dramatic. In fact, most aren't. Sometimes, you'll pass in and out gently, as your stories unfold, and new choices are made. Others will have to linger for a time but all will eventually be resolved. Just like in the case of Olivia.

Do you have a past life love?

Have you ever wondered? I bet your answer is yes! And my answer is yes you do. More than one. I believe that many of the significant relationships that we enter into are past life love karmic relationships. We're here on the earth to be together again... and continue the love stories that we started lifetimes ago. So why not find out what is locked away in your past experiences.

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